Clue Trek — Silver (Offsite)

The Clue Trek Silver is our basic team-development program, emphasizing brilliant, puzzle-based CLUES. Fully-facilitated, the hunt features Da Vinci-code type clues and expert facilitation tying the event back to business goals.

Clue Trek – Gold (Offsite)

The Clue Trek Gold is our premium program combining Da Vinci Code-esque, site-specific clues with the latest smart phone technology. Facilitated from start to finish, your Full-Service Clue Trek will help you celebrate success, bring remote team members together, build rapport, blow off steam — and so much more.

Clue Trek — (Economy)

The Clue Trek Economy is our classic clue-based treasure hunt without much emphasis on work or business. For this one, the game pretty much takes care of itself.

Clue Trek — (Self-Guided)

Your classic, self-guided photo scavenger hunt with a variety of photo, video and augmented reality challenges, in the location of your choice. All explanations and tutorials are done in advance; the hunt is DIY fun at its best.

I’m Off to See the CEO, the Wonderful CEO of Oz

Nothing evokes more nostalgia than a family tradition.  When I was growing up, for example, one of our biggest traditions was to make predictions on New Year’s Eve…what was going to happen in the upcoming year, not only in the nation and the world but also in the family. (I recall always predicting that this […]

Peak Team Building

PEAK TEAM-BUILDING How to Choose the Right Company for Your Next Offsite  The 7 key questions you need to be asking team-building companies as you plan your next off-site.  

Breaking The Ice

BREAKING THE ICE –Dr. Clue’s Favorite Icebreaker Activities 15 of our favorite team-building icebreaker activities Includes timing, suggestions for materials, logistics, etc. Potential Debriefing Questions

Introducing our new REMOTE-TEAM
“Virtual” Treasure Hunt

100% on Zoom. Puzzles, clues, creative challenges and more!

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