Get A Clue About Teamwork

Get a Clue about Teamwork –10 Sneaky Puzzles for Fun and Team-Building 10 full-page puzzles in the model of our treasure hunt clues All answers solve to a pithy quotation about teams and teamwork Solve by yourself or as a group team-building exercise Win a shot at cool prizes    

Five Reasons Puzzles are a Great Tool for Teamwork

Consider this arcane fact: according to a recent survey, over 200,000 people subscribe to the NY Times Crossword service. That means there are 200,000 people out there who don’t care at all about the dozens of fine feature articles and advertisements in the Sunday Times newspaper; all these hardcore puzzlers want are their crosswords! Similarly, […]


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Negativity is Bad for Your Brain — Literally!

I’m a big fan of Upworthy, a website for viral content that promotes stories with a progressive bent on political and social issues. Well, last week Upworthy posted a startling article about how negative thoughts towards aging could be bad for our brains. According to the piece, a study from the Yale School of Public […]

QA with DC

Hi all!   This is my Friday hangout page. Come chat with me every Friday from 10-11am PST.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about how to put on a kick-a** team-building program that people will love (but which won’t cost you an arm and a leg).  

Bonus slide collage

Capture the memories of your treasure hunt with an animated/musical photo collage. Click on the image below to see a sample collage (from an actual hunt in Orlando).   Regularly $495   Free after your 20-minute phone chat with Dr. Clue.   phone: 415-699-3905    

Friday Webinar on Engagement

Thanks for signing up for our webinar! “The Inner and Outer Game of Employee Engagement” –With Dave Blum, CEO & Founder, Dr. Clue   We’ll be going live on Friday the 26th, from 10-11am PST (1pm EST; 6pm London). **Make sure you click on the video link that appears below AND REFRESH your browser!!  (Do […]

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