The Four Traits of Warrior Teamwork

If you had to pick four traits for your work team to embody, what would they be?   Collaboration, perhaps?   Cooperation?  Communication?   Surprisingly, when Steve Kerr addressed his group of 14 men before a morning meeting this week, he omitted many of the traditional team characteristics, instead focusing on 4 unconventional behaviors: joy, mindfulness, compassion and […]

Unconventional Guides

  Hi All, Here’s a list of Chris Guillebeau’s products at Unconventional Guides.  They’re all great!     After reading one of his guides to “travel hacking”, I earned 180,000+ frequent flyer miles in just 6 months — and bumped myself up to Premier Elite status!       If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling […]

Hold Onto Your Saxophone

There’s a great scene in the movie Bird (1988), Clint Eastwood’s biopic of famed jazz man Charlie Parker, in which a young musician goes to a club to hear Parker play.   Bird (as Parker was called) is so naturally gifted that the musician in the audience leaves the club in despair, walks directly to a […]

Gridlock at the Plaza

  When does the puppet-master become the puppet?   Not that often, probably, but that’s exactly what happened to me last month at the annual NASAGA conference.  (NASAGA, by the way, stands for the North American Simulation and Gaming Association — a “network of professionals dedicated to the design, implementation, and evaluation of games and simulations […]

6 secrets for Transforming Your Team into a “Community”

All worthwhile endeavors start with a question. In a 1962 speech at Rice University, John F. Kennedy famously asked: “But why, some say, the moon?  Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? …   We choose to go to the […]

Debriefing Training Activities the ORID Way

When I first started my treasure hunt company, Dr. Clue, in 1995, I had two directions I could take it.  I could either walk down the path of creating the most entertaining recreation activity in the business, OR I could concentrate on harvesting deep learning from the exercise. By and large, I chose the latter […]

Dr. Clue Loves Working with DMCs!

  As a Destination Management Companies (DMCs), you’re always hunting for fresh and relevant event ideas and you need them yesterday. You can count on us! If you are a planner for a DMC, we would love to build a win-win relationship with you. In order to build trust and rapport, let’s… Do a short […]

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