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Structured Unlike unstructured “recreational” events (where fun is had, but little else) — our hunt programs are structured carefully, with a combination of experiential activities, discussions and debriefs.  Our goal is to make sure you can relate the day back to real work issues.

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Clever and Brainy Treasure Hunt clues are written in a way that caters to a broad variety of intelligence styles.  To solve our puzzles, you’ll need to share information, look for patterns, analyze data, etc.

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Silo Busting Eliminate “We vs. Them” between departments.  Our hunt programs include clue swapping and resource sharing.  Often there’s a strong advantage to offering other teams assistance!

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Integrate new team members Welcome aboard new team members and get them quickly assimilated to your style and culture.

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Bring virtual and distance teams closer; create a playful, productive company culture! Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts help extended teams get to know each other in real time; teammates put a face and a personality to a name, facilitating communication and interaction.