Clue Puzzle 092518

Hi everyone, Here’s this week’s clue puzzle, leading to somewhere cool in the world   Send your answer to to receive 1 entry into our drawing.   All entries go into a drawing for a series of $10 Amazon Egiftcards.    Good luck! Contest ends at 5pm on Wednesday September 27th.   ***Increase your chances […]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Team Productivity

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to boost team productivity.  Note that I’m not saying “teamwork” or “teambuilding”.   Where the rubber meets the road is productivity–deliverables–work getting done.  All the rest is fluff.     1) Decide which tasks would benefit from a team approach and which tasks could better be done individually, and ONLY do […]

clue puzzle 091018

Hi everyone, Welcome to my clue puzzle. Listen in as I explain how it works:   And here's your puzzle:   Ooklay onlineway orfay away istoricalhay ignsay inway Isconsinway itledtay "iceway eamcray undaesay".   At the location indicated, answer this question: Q:  How much did the concoction cost in 1881?       Send me [...]

drclue twitter puzzle #1

Welcome to Dr. Clue’s Twitter Puzzle #1!!!!   Are you ready to travel around the world (virtually), in search of cool mystery locations.  Click here for puzzle #1!   Find all the words in the word search and pull out the letters NOT circled to read your secret message — directions to somewhere really cool […]


            Congratulations.   You made it to the end of the hunt! Your final password is:   “Penguin“ Please find Dr. Clue and tell him the password.  

Grounds For Sculpture–New Jersey

A cool site to hold a team building exercise between Trenton and Princeton, NJ Event Description:  The brainchild of sculptor and philanthropist J. Seward Johnson in 1984, Grounds for Sculpture (GFS) is the ideal place to experience contemporary sculpture in a familiar, accessible, and informal setting.  The home of over 270 works, including sculptures by […]

How to Vet a Team-building Company

PEAK TEAM-BUILDING How to Choose the Right Company for Your Next Offsite  The 7 key questions you need to be asking team-building companies as you plan your next off-site. With compliments from your friends at Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts and CSR.

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