It’s a beloved gag in any movie wanting to make fun of school or corporate team building events:  The infamous “trust exercise” where one person is supposed to close their eyes and fall into the arms of another employee… who, of course, gets distracted and lets their partner go thud. 

While it’s usually a funny physical gag, it also illustrates the sort of paranoia we find employers and employees often feeling when they hear the words “trust building exercise.”  In many ways, the most important trust-building going on at corporate team building events is that between employees and the person organizing the event.

When they don’t trust you, very little is likely to go according to plan.

Ensuring Trust All Around at Corporate Team Building Events

  1. Be transparent.

Transparency is one of the most critical aspects of creating trust, especially if there’s reason to think there isn’t much actual trust from the start.  Be open about (nearly) everything that’s likely to happen at an event, and don’t rely on surprises to drive the action.  Workers will be more trusting when they have a good idea what’s coming up.

  1. Always participate.

Don’t ask employees to do something that you won’t do.  Be a full participant in your own activities, or better yet, use yourself as the demonstration before each activity.  If the game requires people to get down ‘n dirty in the mud, be the first one to start wallowing.  Doing so will build their trust in you, as well as breaking down their inhibitions.

  1. Honestly listen to comments and suggestions.

Communication is a key element in building trust, while non-communication breaks down trust.  Often it can be easy for people planning events to get so caught up in their “perfect vision” for the event that they don’t listen to advice from those participating – even when it’s good advice, or take note of a fear that needs to be addressed in a caring manner.

  1. Know when to admit something has gone wrong.

Much like weddings, there are few corporate team building events that happen without any problems whatsoever.  However, when something does go awry, this is actually an excellent opportunity for more trust-building!  Accidents, mishaps and general chaotic weirdness are a part of life, and people are almost universally more trusting of those who can recognize problems when they occur, acknowledge them, and roll with the proverbial punches.

The Dr. Clue team is all about building trust among a workforce, but we also know that trust begins with those at the top.  Anything you can do to increase trust in yourself will improve trust among your workers as well!

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