Silicon Valley Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunt

There’s no better place for a corporate team building event than Silicon Valley.  With its warm weather, interesting locations (from the tony Stanford campus to the highly-diverse San Jose Downtown neighborhood), and overall techie vibe, Silicon Valley has it all.   And who better to play and learn about the area with than Dr. Clue? […]

Portland OMSI Museum teambuilding scavenger hunt

A great place to hold a corporate team building scavenger hunt in Portland Event Description: Boasting five fascinating exhibition halls, a planetarium, an Imax Theater and even a submarine, Portland’s OMSI is a fantastic, safe place to be a kid, indoors and out of the clouds, enjoying a corporate teambuilding event. Location History: From its […]

Portland Downtown teambuilding scavenger hunt

A great place to hold a team building scavenger hunt in Portland   Event Description: Boasting a thriving downtown area with fine shopping, great restaurants, famous chefs and one of the world’s great bookstores, Portland is a fantastic, safe place to do a corporate teambuilding event. Location History: In 1843, Tennessee drifter William Overton and […]

Because I Said I Would…

While on my way to North Carolina this past week, I discovered a fascinating article in Southwest Airlines’ Spirit Magazine, entitled “The Everyday Action Hero”.  It tells the story of 28-year-old Alex Sheen, founder of Because I Said it Would, a nonprofit dedicated to “bettering humanity through the power of a promise.”   Inspired by his […]

Choosing Clients the Old-Fashioned Way: Interview Them!

Scan the Web and you’ll find countless articles providing tips for fool-proof employee interviews, guaranteed to separate the wheat from the chaff, the gold nuggets from the pail of sand.   Although fine for companies and organizations looking to bring on new staff (or new vendors), these articles fail to serve trainers and training companies, struggling […]

Exploratorium Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in the Exploratorium     Museums are always a great place for a teambuilding scavenger hunt, but there’s something special about hands-on sciences museums — and the Exploratorium is one of the very best.  You’ll see exhibits here that you won’t see anywhere else in the country, or […]

Hollywood teambuilding scavenger hunt

A great place to hold a corporate team building scavenger hunt in Hollywood Event Description: An exciting place to participate in a corporate teambuilding event, Hollywood retains its historic sparkle, with movie theaters galore, high-end shopping and dining, and of course, the Walk of Fame. Location History: A sleepy town up until the turn of […]

The Power of Choice

There once was a knight of the Round Table who met a beautiful woman — fair of skin with long, raven hair — and took her to court to marry her.   Little did the knight know that his bride-to-be was bewitched by a terrible spell, cast upon her by an evil sorcerer.   According to the […]

A Face in the Crowd

The other day while looking up something on Wikipedia, I was greeted by a prominent note at the top of the page asking me for a mere $3.00 donation to fund the website’s ongoing efforts.    Wikipedia is an amazing, volunteer service, right  – the modern equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary?  What’s $3.00 to me, […]

Going, Going… Lagaan

When thinking about fun ways to spend an evening, I’m guessing very few people say to themselves, “You know, tonight I’d sure like to watch a 4-hour historical epic about cricket—with lots of Bollywood dancing.”   And yet, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting, especially if we’re talking about Aamir Khan’s lavish 2001 spectacle, Lagaan: Once Upon […]

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