Keeping Virtual Teams on Track

There’s a nice article in Inc. magazine (March 2012) called:  “Out of Sight, Top of Mind:  How to keep a business on track when top performers are scattered across the map”   The author (Jason Fried) provides some great tips for creating and maintaining virtual teams.  To summarize: 1) Working virtually is not for everyone; make […]

An Amazing Mission Statement That’s Fit For Framing

Just about every business has a mission statement — but how many have a mission statement poster that has been viewed online more than 50 million times and translated into 12 languages?    That business would be Holstee, a NY-based company selling eco-friendly clothing and accessories. Check out their unique mission statement, below:   You can […]

When Teams Fall Apart

I’ve been reading a lovely little book of late, called “When Things Fall Apart”, by Pema Chodron.  If you’re unfamiliar with Chodron (nee Deirdre Blomfield-Brown), she’s a world-renowned teacher and writer living up in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Although her books tend to revolve around Tibetan Buddhism, I find that her teachings shed much insight into […]

Samuel Johnson

I ran across this quote recently, from the English author and critic Samuel Johnson:   “People need to be reminded more often than they     need to be instructed”. How true!  By the time people reach adulthood, they’ve probably heard pretty much everything they need to know in order to succeed at business (and as business […]

Clue Trek — Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

    The world’s first MINDFULNESS SCAVENGER HUNT!   When you think of a treasure hunt, you probably think:   winners, losers, & prizes.   In short, a treasure hunt needs to be competitive, fast-paced, and full of adrenaline, right???   In fact, there’s NO reason a hunt has to be fast paced at all!  In fact, […]

DIY: Table Rebus

Best for large, group dinners in a meeting or ballroom, where participants don’t know their table mates or the rest of the people in the room. Puzzle solving combined with creative performance!

DIY: Puzzling Networking Game

Best for groups seeking a fun, energizing, networking exercise that gets people working and thinking together. Great for icebreakers, networking events, parties, cocktail hours, etc.

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