Collaboration and Vulnerability

In a recent article by Ross McCammon in Entrepreneur Magazine, titled “We’re Better Together, the author begins with a most provocative hypothesis: “To collaborate with another person is to admit weakness.   There’s no way of getting around it. If you weren’t in a position of weakness, you wouldn’t need anyone else’s help.  When engaging in […]

The Speed of Change

The Speed of Change Sometime back, I woke up grumpy.  Hey, it happens to the best of us.  Lack of adequate sleep…a disagreement with a vendor …who knows?  But on a grumpy day, nothing seems to go your way. So there I was, mid-afternoon, looking at my calendar and realizing I had, not one, but […]

Asheville, NC teambuilding scavenger hunt

A historic site to hold a teambuilding scavenger hunt in Asheville   Event Description: An intriguing place for a corporate teambuilding event, Asheville boasts fantastic Art Deco architecture throughout the town’s restored historical districts, transforming it into a haven for quaint, trendy shops and interesting boutiques. Location History:  Known these days as perhaps North Carolina’s […]

Napa Valley Wineries Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great place to hold a team building scavenger hunt in the Napa Valley Wine Country   Event Description: During your Napa wineries corporate teambuilding treasure hunt, you’ll visit 10-12 of the very best, from the most-well-known mega-operations to tiny, family-operated establishments far off the beaten track. WE arrange the vehicles–YOU tour the valley for […]

Coyote Point Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A cool place to hold a team building scavenger hunt on the Peninsula. Event Description: Relatively little-known around the Bay Area, Coyote Point is charming, natural venue for teambuilding, boasting golf course, a marina, a variety of playgrounds, and the state-of-the-art Museum for Environmental Education. Location History: Originally an island in San Francisco Bay with […]

Los Gatos: Downtown teambuilding scavenger hunt

A scenic place to hold a team building scavenger hunt in Los Gatos Event Description: A fun and diverse teambuilding location, close to San Jose yet worlds away, downtown Los Gatos today has retained and restored many of its Victorian-era homes and commercial buildings. Here you can find Michelin-starred restaurants, cafes galore, antique shops and […]

Sonoma Valley Wineries teambuilding scavenger hunt

A beautiful area to hold a team building scavenger hunt in the Sonoma Valley Wine Country Event Description: WE arrange the vehicles–YOU tour the valley for history, art, architecture (and perhaps a glass or two of the grapes)–all the while solving our tricky clues and enjoying a stimulating corporate team building event. Location History: Home […]

Sonoma Downtown teambuilding scavenger hunt

A wine-derful place to hold a team building scavenger hunt in the Sonoma Wine Valley Event Description: A lively yet laid-back town, with shops, restaurants, public art and historic signage, Sonoma offers ample locales for tasting the local grapes while doing your corporate teambuilding program. Location History: Home to indigenous people for 12,000 years, Sonoma […]

Treat Each Other Right — or Lose Business

We all know the fall out from intra-team squabbling:  a break in trust, team members taking sides, and a huge ebb in productivity — to name just a few results.  Alas, wherever human beings are present, arguments are bound to happen; we all have egos.  Fighting is unfortunate, but it’s natural. In the end, it’s […]

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