The Tiger Within

The Tiger Within A pregnant tiger stumbles through the woods, desperately seeking its next meal.  With her unborn cub weighing her down, the tiger mama is nearing the end of her rope.  If she doesn’t find something to eat soon, she’ll most certainly die.   Crawling out to edge of a rocky promontory, she looks down […]

The Truth About Inconvenience

Some years back while teaching English in Japan, I found myself speeding along on a bullet train down to Nagasaki to visit a friend whom, I’ll admit, I had a bit of a crush on. While there, my friend introduced me to one of her buddies: a successful, local architect who shared with me an […]


Yoda: Luke! You must complete the training. Luke Skywalker: I can’t keep the vision out of my head. They’re my friends. I’ve gotta help them. Yoda: You must not go! … Obi-Wan: Patience! Luke: And sacrifice Han and Leia? Yoda: If you honor what they fight for, yes! Obi-Wan: If you choose to face Vader, […]