Monterey – Cannery Row Scavenger Hunt

A fun place to hold a team building scavenger hunt in Monterey   Folks come to Monterey for the aquarium and the tourist attractions along Cannery Row.   But like all touristy areas, there’s a hidden historical neighborhood directly underneath.   This is the old factory district, where Steinbeck would hang out with his pal, Doc Ricketts.   […]

Half Moon Bay – Downtown

A fun place to hold a team building activity in Half Moon Bay     Event Description: During this treasure hunt adventure, you’ll solve clues up and down the Half Moon Bay downtown area. Location History:  Seemingly locked in time, the lovely Northern California coastside – from Half Moon Bay down south to Pescadero – […]

San Francisco Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Have A Roaring Good Time with this Team Building Scavenger Hunt Location Zoos are great for scavenger hunts.  No cars…plentiful restrooms and water fountains…lots of shade…artwork and signage galore.   The SF Zoo is looking great these days, an amazing lemur habitat and close-up viewing of the gorillas.   What a great place to explore with a […]

Union Square Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A Great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in Union Square Most people come to Union Square for the shopping, especially around the holidays.  They light a big tree in the square.  The windows of the department stores are decorated with beautiful diaramas–often with puppies and kitties from the humane socieity!    But the area has so […]

All-San Francisco Team Building Event

A Great Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt, all around the City Venue Description:  In this all-day, all-San Francisco treasure hunt/tour, it’s “All Aboard” as you span the City by public transportation, taking in all the sights and sites.   It’s a full day of touring and team building scavenger hunting in America’s favorite city! During your all-day […]

Mission District teambuilding scavenger hunt

A San Francisco Team Building Scavenger Hunt with History   Venue Description:  A fantastic area for a corporate teambuilding event, the sunny, quirky Mission District is the cultural heart of San Francisco, largely unknown to the tourist crowd and the launching pad for all things new and alternative. Neighborhood:  Dating back to 1776 and the […]

Golden Gate Park Scavenger Hunt

A Great San Francisco Team Building Scavenger Hunt in the Golden Gate Park   Golden Gate Park is kind of amazing.  It stretches on for miles, from the Haight Ashbury all the way to the ocean.  You can play sports here, have a picnic, do some archery, play chess, roller skate, bicycle, visit a world-class […]

Fisherman’s Wharf Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in Fisherman’s Wharf   The truth be told, the locals don’t come to Fisherman’s Wharf all that often, perhaps because of all the tourists.  But if you look in the right places, you’ll find a few choice local hangouts…the Eagle Cafe at Pier 39, the Buena Vista Cafe […]

Downtown Financial District Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in the Downtown Financial District   Financial districts sometimes get neglected as tourist locations, and that’s a shame.   Did you know that downtown San Francisco has over 68 POPOs?  That stands for Privately-Owned Public Spaces.  Some are outside of the skyscrapers, others are on rooftop decks, and they’re […]

Chinatown/North Beach “Foodie Hunt”

Are you Hungry For Fun, Adventure AND Fine Dining? Event Description:  During this full-day foodie/hunt hybrid extravaganza, you’ll spend the MORNING sleuthing out clues in two of San Francisco’s most exotic and enticing neighborhoods:  Chinatown & North Beach.  But here’s the delicious twist:   the clues all lead to traditional shops and markets in the […]