Downtown Financial District Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in the Downtown Financial District   Financial districts sometimes get neglected as tourist locations, and that’s a shame.   Did you know that downtown San Francisco has over 68 POPOs?  That stands for Privately-Owned Public Spaces.  Some are outside of the skyscrapers, others are on rooftop decks, and they’re […]

Chinatown/North Beach “Foodie Hunt”

Are you Hungry For Fun, Adventure AND Fine Dining? Event Description:  During this full-day foodie/hunt hybrid extravaganza, you’ll spend the MORNING sleuthing out clues in two of San Francisco’s most exotic and enticing neighborhoods:  Chinatown & North Beach.  But here’s the delicious twist:   the clues all lead to traditional shops and markets in the […]

California Academy of Sciences Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in the California Academy of Sciences Science museums are always great places for a teambuilding scavenger hunt.   You can run around and touch everything in a way that would not fly at, say, the Museum of Modern Art.    At the California Academy of Sciences, you have a lovely […]

Hunt Consulting for Do-it-Yourselfers

Want to create your own teambuilding scavenger hunt?   We can help! Our consulting fee is $200/hr. We can also write clues for you at $150/clue.   Learn about: The difference between scavenger hunts and treasure hunts The difference between sequential and non-sequential hunts How to scout an area How to write a clue What kind […]

Is there a difference between Formal vs. Informal Learning?

There’s  a lot of talk these days about “formal” vs. “informal learning”.   Time and again, managers in every industry are asking, “How can I leverage this whole ‘social media’ thing?  That’s informal learning, right?” Not exactly, according to Lance Dublin of Dublin Consulting, who spoke last night in San Francisco at an event of the […]

Watch Out For Employee Stagnation

Some years back, I was working part time at an insurance brokerage — as a “word processor”.  No, I wasn’t a computer myself (although it seemed like it sometimes).  But back in the day, people were so unfamiliar with MS Word and other word processing programs that they hired people like me to lay out […]

Is it possible to be “authentic” at work? (part 2)

Is authenticity at work even possible?  I think it is–but I’m not talking about “blasting” people, cussing them out, calling them names and then saying, “Oh, I’m just speaking my truth…take it or leave it.” Here’s one model for how to be “respectfully authentic at work”: 1)      Check in with what your feeling inside in […]